FOSS mablab public services

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I provide a Mablab Searx instance. It is a privacy-oriented metasearch engine. It cuts any direct relationship with your user personal data, hides your source ip address. On my server, I don’t keep nginx access logs to get rid of your personal data on my server. Feel free to use Mablab Searx at any time, from any device. The strength of a metasearch engine is that is provides information results from several popular search engines, without exposing your personal data. This also participates in bluring user data exploitation from GAFAMs but still using their search engines.


Mablab PrivateBin is a privacy-friendly end-to-end encrypted copy-paste bin. By using this web site, you can share snippets of code, configurations, messages, whatever in text. It will be encrypted directly on the client, before being sent to server (no risk if server is compromised). You can then send the resulting URL to the receiver. You can harden and tune your share by setting a password, an expiration period, or a burn-after-read.

Mablab OTS, as a little sister from PrivateBin, is a secret sharing simple application. It is minimalist compared to PrivateBin. However, OTS provides clean command line, for easy use from the command line, with no web browser needed. This can be useful to share secrets or files, quickly, between hosts that cannot interact directly.


Mablab Invidious server is a solid proxy between you and Google Youtube. It provides a layer of efficient user privacy, while still using Google Youtube. I would much favour PeerTube, as a real alternative solution, as this is a great distributed platform for video streaming, in a much different model else as Google concept, and a real user respecting model. So, while PeerTube has not taken over yet, you can still use Google Youtube via Invidious, which lets you easily select audio-only, streaming codec, download, … And No Ads!